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2004-02-14 Oolong Noodles Group Order for Daly City

Our Noodles contain NO egg yolk Ramen ingredient or the Stablizing LYE water ,so just to have the chewy texture. our noodles are fresh , that gives you clean and healthy chewy noodle tasting. a good choice with out any elements added. we only use high grade white wheat flour, sea salt , and filtered water in dough making preparations. to ensure a good noodle is healthy and natural !

“we are the only noodle restaurant making the "Traditional Chinese Hand-Make oolong noodles " !” commented by Lucky K. Manager of Oolong Noodles , “Oolong Noodle defines " is tasting between what s Ramen and Udon noodles"”    

Oolong Noodles- Feb 11th, 2014 -----646 Washington St, San Francisco, CA 94111


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