Why Us

BayFoodie is totally free for merchants and customers. Here is what we'll do for you

online order
Put your restaurant online. You'll join The Bay Area Local Restaurants accepting orders online through our system.
online order
Enhance your exposure. With restaurants in the Bay Area, we will do the marketing and promote your restaurant.
online order
Send you orders. We will help you establish and develop your own online customer group.

Who will Choose BayFoodie and How will It Benefit You.

1. Restaurants who want more online orders.

Join us and receive more online orders. If you don't want to pay extra money and expend energy to build an online order system and don't want to hire Marketing and IT team to promote and maintain the website, our service is perfectly for you.

More than 90% people are using online systems to order food. With your own online order system, you will gain more customers. Join BayFoodie now, and we will set everything up for you. With our system, you do not need to  worry about Server Hosting , Website Security, Credit Card Processing, order / menu / coupon management,  and Delivery / Driver Management, etc.

2. Restaurants who are tired of spending too much money on GrubHub or EAT24, and hate that GrubHub or EAT24 determine their ranking in their customers' searching results which is based on an arbitray commission fee .

It is not cheap to use the online marketing and ordering functions of GrubHub or EAT24. GrubHub or EAT24 charge restaurants a fee for each online order. The GrubHub commission fee can increase up to 18% for each order. This means more online orders from GrubHub, the more fees you have to pay. Let's assume the average commission fee is 15.5%, and the average minimum order is $25, the fees charged by GrubHub is 50 times that of Bayfoodie.

In addition, your position on the page of the customers' searching results will be put behind other restaurants that pay higher commission fees. As a result, if you don't accept the higher commission fee, the chances of your getting online orders will be significantly reduced.

3. Restaurants who want to fully control their online ordering including orders, menus, coupons and especially THE MONEY!

When you use the service of GrubHub or any other ordering portal, they will hold your money for 4 weeks. One month later, you can expect to get your money after deducting the commission fee and transaction fees.
Notably, with BayFoodie, the money will deposit into your account directly after customers place an order. Also, you can easily check your orders, modify the menus, and advertise your coupons.

4. Restaurants who want to keep the customers during the peak hours.

During peak hours, the customers on the waiting list will leave or go to other restaurants because of the long wait.  Thanks to the Preorder Function of BayFoodie, we can help you keep these customers.

What will you benefit from our Preorder function? 

  1. Keep your valuable customers during peak hours, and avoid discouraging restaurant patrons from staying and enjoying their meal.
  2. Avoid waste since you can purchase and prepare the food in advance based on the received preorders.
  3. Significantly save serving time of your waiters and reduce turnaround time for tables.

How will it benefit you?
During peak hours, your customers can preorder their food online before they get seated, so you don't have to worry that they will leave for another restaurant. They can also place orders at home, which will give you enough time to prepare the food before they arrive at the restaurant. Notably, you can know beforehand which ingredients and how much of them you should prepare for dishes and avoid waste. They just need to show you the barcode when they get seated. For example, a family comes to your restaurant. If they are not using Preorder,it will take them 10 minutes to discuss what to eat, 10 minutes to talk with the server and place the order, 30 minutes for the chef to prepare the dishes, and 20 minutes to eat and 10 minutes to check out. The total time will be 1 hour and 20 minutes. If they use Preorder, they just show the server barcode when they are seated. Because your chef has already received the order and prepared the ingredients, it will only take him 5 minutes to finish the cooking.  The family will take 20 minutes to eat, and the total time will be only 25 minutes. It is clear that this function will significantly reduce the turnaround time of tables.

5. Restaurants who want to launch subscription menus and want to deliver lunch-box regularly to their busy customers.

You can establish your subscription menu and upload it to your account. We will do the marketing and Email campaigns to attract new customers. You can set your subscription menu for days or weeks or months. You can fully manage the subscription orders.

6. Restaurants who want to obtain more online customers directly and quickly, and wish they could find their customers' orders promptly.

We will send you an accession Barcode of your order channel after your registration with us. You can put it on the door or anywhere you like. Your customers could skip searching and comparing, just scan and directly go to your menu page, and place the order.

In the same way, your customers will get an order confirmation with QRCode after submitting their orders. You may just scan and quickly find out the right order. It will save your time of searching for your customers' order, and will reduce the chances of making mistakes.